International Workshop on Accurate Solution of Eigenvalue Problems

Penn State Conference Center
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA

July 20-23, 1998

In cooperation with the SIAM Activity Group on Linear Algebra (SIAG/LA). This workshop will be held immediately following the SIAM Annual Meeting in Toronto on July 13-17.


Jesse Barlow, The Pennsylvania State University (local manager),

Ivan Slapnicar, University of Split, Croatia

Kresimir Veselic, Fernuniversitaet Hagen, Germany

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together experts on accuracy issues in the numerical solution of eigenvalue problems for four days of research presentations and discussions. This is the second such workshop. The first, titled ``International Workshop on Accurate Eigensolving and Applications'', was held in Split, Croatia on July 11-17,1996. There will be no parallel sessions; research presentations will be 30 minutes to one hour each, with sufficient time for discussions.

The organizers have invited a number of researchers in this field to give invited presentations. Some who have tentatively accepted include:

Beresford Parlett, University of California at Berkeley

Francoise Chaitin-Chatelin, CERFACS and University of Toulouse

James Demmel, University of California at Berkeley

Nicholas J. Higham, University of Manchester

Axel Ruhe, Chalmers Institute of Technology, Sweden

Ming Gu, University of California at Los Angeles

Ilse Ipsen, North Carolina State University

Hongyuan Zha, The Pennsylvania State University

In addition, the organizers welcome a limited number of submitted presentations that are consistent with the theme of the meeting. Those interested in submitting presentations should submit an abstract in LaTeX to or by standard mail to the organizers at the address below by June 1, 1998.

There will be a special issue of Linear Algebra and Its Applications associated with this workshop. The editors will be Jesse Barlow, Beresford Parlett, and Kresimir Veselic. Its submission deadline will be November 1, 1998. The participants in the workshop are encouraged to send their papers to this special issue. Submissions from non-participants are welcome as long as they are consistent with the themes of the workshop.

Some travel funding is available for graduate students and new Ph.D.'s. At very least, registration fees will be waived for students and new Ph.D's (as long as funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis).

WWW sites:

There is a European mirror web site in Croatia tex2html_wrap_inline56 slap/W98/workshop/workshop.html

There are also links from the SIAM Conferences web page

We expect that registration materials will be available soon through the workshop web page.

This workshop is supported by the National Science Foundation and by the Continuing and Distance Education Department of the Pennsylvania State University.

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For further information please contact

Jesse L. Barlow
Department of Computer Science
and Engineering
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802-6106
URL: tex2html_wrap_inline56 barlow

Jesse Barlow
Tue Jun 16 16:56:09 EDT 1998