(gnuplot) errorbars

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 2.11.2 errorbars
 Error bars are supported for 2-d data file plots by reading one to four
 additional columns (or See using entries); these additional values
 are used in different ways by the various errorbar styles.
    In the default situation, `gnuplot` expects to see three, four, or
 six numbers on each line of the data file--either
            (x, y, ydelta),
            (x, y, ylow, yhigh),
            (x, y, xdelta),
            (x, y, xlow, xhigh),
            (x, y, xdelta, ydelta), or
            (x, y, xlow, xhigh, ylow, yhigh).
    The x coordinate must be specified.  The order of the numbers must be
 exactly as given above, though the See using qualifier can
 manipulate the order and provide values for missing columns.  For
            plot 'file' with errorbars
            plot 'file' using 1:2:(sqrt($1)) with xerrorbars
            plot 'file' using 1:2:($1-$3):($1+$3):4:5 with xyerrorbars
    The last example is for a file containing an unsupported combination
 of relative x and absolute y errors.  The See using entry generates
 absolute x min and max from the relative error.
    The y error bar is a vertical line plotted from (x, ylow) to (x,
 yhigh). If ydelta is specified instead of ylow and yhigh, ylow = y -
 ydelta and yhigh = y + ydelta are derived. If there are only two
 numbers on the record, yhigh and ylow are both set to y. The x error
 bar is a horizontal line computed in the same fashion. To get lines
 plotted between the data points, `plot` the data file twice, once with
 errorbars and once with lines (but remember to use the `notitle` option
 on one to avoid two entries in the key). Alternately, use the
 errorlines command (see See errorlines).
    The error bars have crossbars at each end unless See bars is used
 (see See bars for details).
    If autoscaling is on, the ranges will be adjusted to include the
 error bars.  See also errorbar demos.
    See See using, See with, and See style for more
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